Sunday, November 6, 2016

I know, I know ...

Yes, yes, I know ... I've been AWOL.
I apologize ... sincerely.

Now, things are happening here.

I'm trying to get this book finished and to my publishers by Nov 30. A doable date, if I get on with it and stop distracting myself ... oh look, squirrels.

Last night I was taken to task my a friend (thanks Catherine) and the result is:

Yes, I can write romance. Just not often. ;-)

The year is 1714:
When Meaghan Fitzgerald took her sisters to pick mushrooms at the old abbey she didn't envisage how an ambush by soldiers would change her young life. Set upon a path that held torment and confusion Meaghan had to choose which life she would lead. Dutiful daughter or rebellious lover. 

(Formerly 'KS')
Got a new cover, a new title, a new price.

link is up but still showing the old crappy cover - downloading it you get the new cover. It will show on Amazon in the next few days :)

A little something in time for Christmas?


Every beat of my heart is an Ellie Conway Christmas story - and yes, Mac is in it.

New cover, new price. Big fun!
The new covers are taking a while to show but when buy the book and download it the new cover is definitely there!

Whispers in the water is the poetry of SSA Ellie Conway and SA Mac Connelly, and also a few songs by Rowan Grange.

Again - new cover, new price.

This story received a new title as well as a new cover and new pricing.

The story was formerly called 'Tangled up in blue'.

It's an SSA Kurt Henderson story. 

Archive also received a new cover and new pricing:

A briefcase with a surprising inhabitant causes issues for a body guard. Stolen explosives ruin a perfectly good train ride. And no one should ever come between a mother and her infant, well not if they want to live. 
A collection of previously published stories that will leave you breathless.

I haven't been around but as you can see I've been active!

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