Monday, November 14, 2016

Earthquakes and a finished book


You've probably heard about our earthquakes.
This fun started at 12:02AM (Monday - which is today) with a 7.5 quake that rolled through Kiakoura and north to Wellington. It now looks like the event was two simultaneous events from different faults. The quake lasted two minutes. That's a very long time when you're trying to remain upright in a doorway with a door that wants to shut on you.

Update: it was a 7.8 (we had 6.6 and 7.5 and then finally the analysis was complete and it was a 7.8!

Since then it's been non-stop quakes pretty much all over the country. An awful lot of them have been over 4.5 and more than I'd like have been over 6. A few times we've had double ups.
These quakes are different to anything I've felt before (we've had a few, ya know?) ... these leave you feeling like you've either stepped out of a fast moving elevator or you're onboard a ship rolling in decent waves. They make no noise ... they roll. Lucky me and the kids are good sailors but there is a definite motion sickness element to it. (Oddly, most of the kids get car sick like me are fine on a ship/boat.)

So anyway, the girls and I are fine. We're fairly hardy and not easily rattled. Animals are fine - possibly because we're calm and therefore they think it's a bit weird that the floor keeps moving but nothing to worry about. Only a couple of small things fell over here. We fared a lot better than Wellington City.

We had no power for eight hours so coffee this morning was delayed! Near disaster. :)
And we were up for a fair while in the wee small hours today before attempting sleep - but the kids did eventually sleep. Me not so much.

But, being me, I cooked dinner tonight then made chocolate truffles because what is needed in these situations is chocolate.

In other news:

METABYTE is finished.
We just had a 5.6 quake as I was typing that last sentence.
Seriously this is getting old.

Okay back to it ... METABYTE IS FINISHED.

Number one daughter has read it and asked me to clarify something -which I did, I added a big scene which was fun to explain someone's involvement in the mess that is METABYTE. :)

Need another couple of beta readers who can read fast (need to hear back in 3 days). So if anyone is keen and can read ePub then let me know.


SSA Ellie Iverson world is turned inside out by a late night call from her husband saying his teenage niece, Harley, is missing. Harley’s parents are out of the country and suddenly incommunicado thus raising Ellie’s internal alert level from yellow to orange. Adding to the rising alert status is the discovery of freshly dead formerly deceased Federal Agents. Crime scenes, and dead agents emerge at an alarming rate. Working under a directive from the Director of the FBI and with the Wayward Son Protocol, Ellie and Delta A try to steam the flow of death. Cryptic messages from missing Ret-NCIS Special Agent Noel Gerrard alludes to the seepage of sensitive data, and then undeniable CIA involvement. Coded messages hidden in attempted hackings of Iverson Technologies provide clues regarding the missing parents of Harley Iverson and a potential link to the Wayward Son Protocol. In the midst of turmoil the sudden death of a team member leaves Delta A reeling. 

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