Saturday, November 26, 2016

And it's gone ...

Not only is METABYTE finished but it's now with my Publishers and editor. Hooray.
Haven't managed to do my usual celebration yet.
Finishing a book is an achievement in itself. Finishing the 9th full length novel in a series is pretty damn good. And having it sent and on my editors desk, now that's big.
I need to celebrate this milestone, but I don't see it happening. I think it'll probably just get swept aside and never quite feel finished for me.
Kinda how it feels now.
I know I finished it and sent it to my fabulous editor and got it in before Nov 30 ... which meant I wrote about 35, 000 words in under 20 days - to allow myself reading time.
Feels a bit hollow now because there's no one to really celebrate with at the moment and I don't think anyone has really noticed that I finished.
Creating something as big as a novel is mentally draining and at times exhausting but it's also fun, really fun and once it's over there's this sense of loss that's hard to explain. (I didn't kill Ellie, by the way ... she won't let me yet, so I guess there will be a 10th?)

So, now, the waiting begins.
There is always a chance that everyone will hate it.
(Yes I think that.)

Meanwhile the other part of my brain was thinking about the cover this morning - dragonfly, of course ... I was more thinking about the color. I'm seeing green but let me stress NOT emerald green or a flat dark Hunter green, I do not like those colors. In fact there are a lot of greens I simply do not like. I'm seeing several greens ... chartreuse, mid green and a dark green, even sea greens would be fabulous. NOTHING that looks like emerald freaking green though, thanks. I need to like the cover. :)
Not a green person at all really, but, this story lends itself to a green cover. Not because there is any jealousy in it, it's actually more of a revenge story - but there is also the need for healing and that's where the green comes in. Healing and new beginnings.

Meanwhile - NZ Secret Santa is underway, and once again I have signed up. It's super fun. I've been investigating the person I was assigned. (Yes, stalking, but it's allowed at Christmas!)
Already have ideas forming. Will finalize and send next week. Such fun!

Oh a few of my kindle books are free for he next few days. I believe.

Whispers in the Water - the poetry of Ellie Conway (kindle edition with extra poems)

Snakebyte - a novella that sits between soundbyte and databyte

Don't miss out, go grab a copy before the free promotion runs out. Happy pre-Christmas season from us at camp Connor.

Don't think much else is happening here. Cybil (the life sized rag doll I made for Writers Plot Readers Read bookshop) is becoming quite famous. People are really liking her and stop by the shop to say so. Awww. Now perhaps they could drop by the shop and buy the books she recommends. :) :)

I need more coffee.

And you all probably need a picture or something ... so here's a something!

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