Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Okie from Muskogee

Yep, weird blog title!

It was the last song I heard this morning. Geoff was in the car and about to leave when he called me over ... and Okie from Muskogee was playing. It's a favorite of ours. :)
He's changed the words a tad.
It's Okie from Kaitoke when we sing it and a few other things were changed too. All good fun.

Right, so it's Wednesday.  Not my favorite day today because Geoff is heading back to Perth and that is all the sucky all at once.

I'm currently at the shop with the sick kid. She's under the big desk hiding from the fluro light and coughing. Back to the Dr with her tomorrow.

In other news ...
Got asked for a blurb about the next Byte book.
Made me say all manner of unpleasant words ... because, well, it's not been the easiest book to write. Mostly because I've been SLACK at writing for the last year. So slack. Unbelievable really. I'm horrified at myself.

So anyway wanna see the blurby bizzo I came up with? (On the fly.)

"Freshly dead formerly deceased Federal Agents. The abduction of Mitch’s teenage niece, Harley, from their home. Harley’s parents incommunicado and possibly in Hamburg, Germany. The discovery of The Wayward Son Protocol which alludes to withheld information. Cryptic messages from missing Ret-NCIS Special Agent Noel Gerrard. The sudden death of a long time Delta A Team member and the inability to stem the seepage of sensitive data all merge to form a perfect storm for SSA Ellie Iverson nee Conway."

That there is METABYTE in a nutshell. 

And with regards to me being slackassed and hopeless over the writing of this book ... last week I wrote almost 5k long hand. Which maybe what I need to do for awhile to reconnect with the characters. There is something about a pen and notebook that help that process. Not sure what it is, but it's definitely a thing. 

Got some nice news this morning. One of the kids from my last writing course won a big competition here in Upper Hutt. (All the schools were involved.) Her mum came to tell me today and thank me. How cool is that? I'm so proud of Annake. 
Love getting good news like that!
Makes me keen to do it again ... and we are. Next school holidays we have two lot's of classes. And the winning young lady has signed up for the second week. :) 
Which will be more involved than the younger kids classes in the first week. (yes that means challenging but also fun.)

In other news (also writing related) very very soon a compilation of short stories from 12 thriller writers will hit the kindle store and other places - it's free and I'm in the mix. :)

Better get back to writing ... have all the pages to write into the WIP and tweak as I do, it's fun. 

Hope you all have a happy spring even though the weather here in NZ has forgotten it's spring today. 

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