Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Today started rough but we got there in the end.

Despite that I got a fair bit of reading/backwards outlining done and discovered a few things. One wasn't them great, fixable, actually it's an easy fix but still it wasn't great to find.
Now I need to move a chapter ... never done that before.
It'll be interesting. *SmacksHeadIntoDesk*

So I might get some writing time tomorrow ... yeah maybe.
Two more days of this writing class and then another one to run next week.
Would rather like to get some writing time.

In other news ... fucking daylight savings started last weekend.

I'm really not a fan. Why do we even need it? It's light enough in the evenings. I like light in the MORNING! Is that too much to ask? And also, now it's 5 hours difference from here to Perth and 4 hours was bad enough. Grumble, bitch, whine.

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