Thursday, September 15, 2016

As an author ...

As an author a few things piss me off on an ongoing basis ... as a co-director of the ONLY book shop in New Zealand that only carries work by NZ authors the same things piss me off.

1. Too many authors are hopeless at supporting each other.

2. Too many authors are not proactive about getting their name out there.

3. Too many authors don't give books by other kiwi writers as gifts.

4. Readers: Fantastic stories are not top secret so STOP keeping the awesome novels you've read by kiwi's a freaking secret and start telling people about them! Learn to Facebook stalk and make the author happy by liking their page, writing reviews, interacting ... don't whisper to yourself how great the book was, SHOUT about it to everyone.

5. Kiwi authors don't necessarily write books set in NZ but some do and they're freaking awesome.

6. Kiwi authors do write crime, scifi, fantasy, horror, romance, thrillers, historical, erotica, poetry, creative non-fiction - you name a genre and you'll find a kiwi writing it and writing it extremely well!

7. Big publishing houses don't publish the majority of NZ authors. Yeah, that's right. There plenty of small to mid-sized publishers publishing excellent books written by kiwi authors, and you won't find them in mainstream shops and they don't get reviewed by mainstream media ... and it's NOT BECAUSE THEY'RE UNWORTHY, it's because mainstream media and publishers have a strangle hold on the reading public. That is extremely unfair.

There are the ways to fix most of it and quickly ..

8. Buy a fucking book by a kiwi and read it. (Helpful hint: We have a SHOP FULL OF THEM!)

9. Give kiwi authors for Christmas and birthdays and just because you found a great book you want to share!

10. Write reviews. You'd think that would stand to reason ... apparently not!

So, Kiwi authors, what say you?
Are you prepared to get off your bums and start supporting each other?

Edited because I can't count.


Yvonne said...

Well said.
Yvonne Oots

Teresa Schulz said...

Good on you Cat. Absolutely true and has needed to be said for a long time. They don't give New Zealand authors a chance which is really stupid given our track record and outshining other bigger nations regularly in both sports and science, film production and music. Kiwi's can do attitude shines through in every aspect of life. Let us in!

Heather Hapeta said...

Hear hear . Reposting

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