Thursday, July 28, 2016

Post launch ...

I've been thinking about writing this since Saturday ... I've also been sick since last Thursday so pretty much everything has been put in the 'too hard basket'.

A few things made this launch work rather well - the first was my publisher in the USA having my books printed here in NZ. And the second was the printer in Auckland getting the books printed and to me in four days! Big thanks to Chris Else at BookPrinting. :) The other big thing was Geoff arriving a week before the launch! For a bit there it looked like he wouldn't make it at all, and then everything changed and he could come ... so glad he was here. Just made the whole thing super special.

The Psychobyte launch was fabulous. Would've been better if I hadn't been sick and my voice hadn't almost disappeared by Friday night. I did manage to talk and to read even though it was hard for those beyond row three to hear me. Sorry folks.
The mayor, Wayne Guppy, came (he said he would), I didn't know he was going to speak ... and by the time he was done I was truly feeling the love from the city.
Thanks Upper Hutt.

Upper Hutt Library hosted my launch (I know! I'm so lucky - they've been doing stuff like this for me for a few years now!). Was awesome. Great turn out. I wondered ... as heard from about 9 people that day who couldn't make it and then quite a few who said they were coming didn't show ... but ... we ran out of chairs anyway. :)

All good.

Geoff made it over from Perth for the launch. YAY.
Dad and Anne came up from Mahau.
Andrene drove down from Napier.
Was great to catch up with friends on the night.
Big thanks to everyone who came out to launch psychobyte. I do appreciate your support.
Some of my kids turned up. More missing this year than usual, disappointing but you get that with kids. Good thing I hadn't planned on getting another group photo!

The cake ... delicious. Rebekah made dragon fly cupcakes! Super delicious. Jane arrived with cheese and crackers - many thanks!

There's still quite a bit of cake left - which is fabulous, because I love it and it's the perfect breakfast.

Here's some pics:

dragonfly cupcakes

All the books!

forensic art

Psychobyte launch cake

cutting the cake

signing books

my view as people started to take their seats

being introduced by the Mayor

Psychobyte paperbacks are available from Writers Plot Readers Read, in Upper Hutt.

Or from Amazon (kindle and paperback)

Psychobyte by Cat Connor

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