Friday, July 1, 2016

Just add tequila ...

The phrase "just add water" is kinda boring, don't you think?
Much more fun to add tequila.

We made it to Friday.

Trailer still needs making. Probably will be doing it myself. So annoyed with TGW that I'm not even going to remind her she said she'd do it. It's always fun to read the riot act to someone who's still in bed while you're trying to get out the door to work. NOT.
Parenting sucks sometimes.

Breezy has netball training after school and a disco tonight (she will apparently die if she doesn't go to the disco ... sigh. Actor kid is so dramatic). Pretty much the last thing I want to do is walk to school and home twice tonight in the dark. Maybe we'll avoid the alleyway?

It's July 1st.
Countdown is on.
The Knight will be here before the book launch. That's the one big positive that came from his dreadful day on Wednesday. There's potential on the horizon for him already, so it's not all bad.
No such thing as job security these days, especially in Australia.

This morning I fed the washing basket to the big red bin. Not only did it slice my finger open almost two weeks ago but it almost fell apart completely today.  Yes I read that sentence and I realize that at least one of you will think my finger has fallen apart completely. That's not the case. My finger is healed. The washing basket, however, is beyond repair. Time to replace it I think. :)

No writing happened yesterday. I attended a funeral with Admin One. It'd been a long time since either of us had attended a mass.
Last night was the final UHWC short story class. Instead of going to the Women's Centre I invited the ladies to my place. The final stories were fabulous. So pleased and proud of them and their effort.
Was also really nice to get such positive feedback!
I hope they continue writing and look for magazines and so forth, as potential markets.

I want to get the next layer of icing on the cake this weekend.
And continue ticking things off my list.
Posters should've been todays task ... I left the flash drive at home. Hopeless!

One of the Ngaio Marsh judges has written a review of ERASERBYTE. I read it early this morning on my phone, and wasn't sure if it was actually good or not. I think it might be.
Only saw it at all because I was tagged in the link on Twitter. :)

Today better be a writing day I think.

I shall get on with Metabyte now ... hope you have a fantastic Friday and a joyful weekend.

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