Sunday, July 3, 2016

A letter to my brother

Hey Raid,

Been awhile.

I just looked at the date when I was checking how many days it is until Geoff arrives ... and realized today is July 3rd.  It doesn't gut me like it used to, I guess that's a good thing? It's not that I've forgotten or moved on, I've moved through it but I've taken part of you with me. (Not the part that used to jump out of the bathroom door way and scare the fuck out of me every night, not that part!)
I've kept the funny stuff. I kept the times you stood up for me. I kept the nights we talked and the times I bet you in fights. :) I kept the time I dropped your brand new dirt bike and how proud you were because I scratched your tank first. You were a crazy brother, Raid, you really were.
I kept the smell of paint and the sound of that bike screaming up the street.
Remember when you got snapped growing 'greenery' in your wardrobe? Now that was truly hilarious.
You should've seen Granddad's face when he saw photos mum had developed after you died (there was a lot of green stuff in that car). I thought he was going to explode. The number plate on the car was visible (rookie mistake Raid) and he went into cop mode, big time. Took a lot of convincing to get him to let it alone. Poor mum and dad had to deal with that. Everyone lost the plot in their own way when you died.

You should see Breezy (maybe you can?) of all the kids, she's the most like you - not to look at (so much) but her mannerisms and her dramatic flare. (Remember 'Grease' and 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'?) Let's not mention her love of practical jokes. She got me once and she got me good. I wasn't impressed. (Nothing's changed in that regard.)

I'm guessing you and mum are doing okay. She'd be so happy to be with you again.
Dad and I are fine. I miss him, but he'll be here in 3 weeks for my next book launch. So that's great!

I know that you  'borrowed' my camera. FYI, I have all the photos now. So, that day you borrowed my camera and took photos of when you and Brent (maybe?) were playing silly buggers on the bikes ... I know about it. Just wish who ever took the photos of you did a better job. But I guess back in the day action shots weren't as easy as they are now - especially with my old camera. :)

Everyone's grown up or growing up. Your name is still mentioned. Every now and then one of the kids will ask about you. I tell them stories about when we were kids and when we were teenagers. Sometimes I wonder what kind of 50 year old you would've been. Geoff and I figured you'd be a bit like him, into bikes and stuff. I could see you with Harleys, and old British bikes.
But you were never going to be old.
And I always thought that only the good died young. :)



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