Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stop screwing around and just do it.

Good advice to myself at the moment:

Stop screwing around and just do it.

There's a plethora of things requiring my attention and yes, action. We're counting down to the launch of PSYCHOBYTE. Oddly, that's pretty much in hand. I think.
Got so bad I required a dedicated notebook.
Now known at the Psycho bible.
Without it I'm truly screwed.

The psycho bible is full of lists. Things that need to be done and when they need to be done.

Last night I made the royal icing piped words for the cake. That was fun. Because hashtags are fun. I still haven't settled on an actual colour for the cake ... probably won't be purple now the piping is two shades of purple. Will probably be white with a tie-dyed glaze. There was a lot more confidence in those words before I stopped and thought about them. How hard can it be?
Piping was supposedly hard, and, ya know. I did it. [Insert shrug]
Done it a few times. This time around I decided not to make piped filagree butterflies or dragonflies. Becky is making dragonfly chocolates so that's enough dragonflies.

I do need to make a new trailer. A longer one to be shown at the launch before I am introduced and do my speaky thing. (Speech written ... see, told ya things were pretty much in hand!)
Currently the trailer is real short. It's fun, and I like it a lot but it's short.
All the images are on my MacBook. All I need to do is move them to a flash drive and encourage TGW to create me a trailer. (She did the long one for the Eraserbyte launch and apparently enjoyed it. Guess she really did because she has already enquired about this years long trailer.)

I have actually been writing. Not a great deal, but good solid scenes, so that's pretty good. I'm about half way with this story I think. Well, as far as I can tell, I am. It's not that easy.

I'm still teaching as well. Adults at night and then teaching kids for the first week of the school holidays. It's slightly easier now I have ALL my notes in one place. Even as I typed that I paused. Where are my kids short story notes? Not in the folder with my adult notes.
Head desk.
Most of my notes are in the same place.
Pretty sure there is a self-publishing workshop coming up too. I cannot remember when, but I know it's a Saturday and in July.  I'm on to it.

Pretty excited to have my books back in the shop. They look fantastic. Printed here in NZ. I never saw all the detail in the covers before. The covers are matt now, and the detail is amazing.

In other news ... life just keeps on keeping on. Door close, other doors open.
One just shut (minutes ago) but I'm not entirely sure when the next one will open or what it means for us yet.
Could be positive. Could be a disaster. Either way, big changes just happened without warning.
Fingers crossed it'll spin into a good thing, my amazing Knight is super good at seeing opportunity and silver linings.

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