Saturday, June 25, 2016

Some days are definitely better than others

Especially days with kids.

That is all I have to say about that.
Okay one more thing ... ten year olds are freaking painful.

Right. Done.

Been giving the upcoming book launch a lot of thought. Have a dedicated notebook now - because there was/is too much to be done to keep it all in my head or my diary. Notebook has "refer to diary" notes as well, for timing of things. Unbelievable really.

It's taken me all week to write this because shit got busy. So, here I am, on Saturday morning writing a blog post ... I shouldn't be here but the ten year old happened and instead of netball I'm cozy and warm in my lounge. She's under a pile of blankets on the couch listening to KILLERBYTE. At some point (soon) I'll add TERRORBYTE to my MP4 player as well. They're fabulously voice acted and we're waiting (patiently) for NZ Blind Foundation to record EXACERBYTE. Can't wait to hear that one ... it's the only (mostly) NZ set Byte book (so far).

One my second quad shot espresso this morning ... should give me the caffeine hit I require to accomplish something today.

Yesterday was very busy and quite physical, today should really be a writing day. Can almost see it happening.

One more class at UHWC and the course is finished. I'll miss the group, they're fabulous and it's been a lot of fun. Short story writing is fun to teach. Have finally got all my notes in one place. Which is even better!
I discovered the other day that Breezy is absorbing some of the lessons ... she always comes with me and plays on the iPad. I didn't think she heard/listened to anything I said, but apparently she does. Might be a good thing?

The first four Byte books will be back in the bookshop next week sometime. We just had them printed in Auckland. (Truly awesome!) Looking forward to seeing them. Suspect I'll be going back to Chris (the printer) shortly to get more copies of KILLERBYTE. We're still using POD so printing as required, just doing it here in NZ. Saves all that ridiculous lead time and horrendous postage.

I think that's about all from me for the moment.
I'll try and get back here soon - and not leave it two weeks next time. Not sure where the time goes but it goes fast.

I'll leave you with this ... my beautiful boy.

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