Thursday, May 26, 2016

When you write so much you can't remember ...

It's getting to the point where I can't remember story lines. I'm having trouble matching threads to books.
It was bound to happen one day.
No surprise that it's today. I'm really tired and my brain is busy dealing with the far reaching consequences of a dead main character (not Ellie, breathe, it's okay).

Took me long enough to be able to make sense of a scene in the latest WIP - let alone remember who does what and when in previous books!

Used to be easy. But my focus was pretty much fully on writing and not pulled in different directions like it is now.

Also, I'm TIRED. :)

Tonight I'm facilitating (in this case it means teaching) short story writing. I'm hoping to drag up enough energy to walk to town and do this thing. :)
Walking might help. Fresh air is magical.
I had a glass of Berocca just before ... because speed is frowned upon as is turning up reeking of tequila. Sigh.

I'm currently running through a playlist on Youtube, music is energizing.
If it wasn't a stupid thing to do when walking, I'd use my iPod on the walk. (Oh, hang on, let me just explain that statement for those of you who don't know why it's stupid to have earbuds in and music blasting while you're walking ... because you cannot hear someone coming up behind you. You are distracted. You aren't aware of your surroundings. Do you see now? Be safe people, don't walk around in a bubble oblivious to dangers on the streets.)
The only times I use my earbuds (out in public) is if I'm actually on my phone, and then it's one ear, and not loud enough to prevent me from hearing what's happening around me or if I have the dog with me - his ears are way better than mine, and he tells me if someone is around (again I use one ear bud and don't have the music loud).
I do tend to tune out when I'm walking - cos I'm thinking. It's my thinking time. But in saying that, I hear what's around me.

Okay, where were we?

Oh, yeah, I was losing my mind and forgetting what happens where and when and to whom. Honestly it's pretty frustrating when I have to check. There's a few books to look in ... not to mention notebooks. And you know what? Some stuff that I'm not sure about is in a short story not a novel. Just to make it harder. There's a helluva lot of short bytes. Almost makes me glad that the last 18 mths have been SLOW writing wise. :)

I expect it'll be better after a good sleep and probably once this cold has gone.

Because this makes me ever so happy:

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