Saturday, May 28, 2016

Listening to Bon Jovi

It's a crap day. Truly shite. Pouring with rain, dark, and gloomy. Matches my mood, I guess.
I've been around too many sick people and now I've got the latest evil cold virus. I feel dreadful.
There's more going on than that though but possibly exacerbated by feeling like crap.

Today has been cancelled.
It's not worth getting sicker to venture out in the pissing rain to go up to the bookshop. I emailed everyone and said there would be no group today.
We need bread and milk - but will make do. I also wanted to pick up my laptop and bring it home to reinstall Office and some other stuff. It can wait. Everything can wait.

Something good has happened today though.

 The cover for the print version of PSYCHOBYTE complete with a quote from Sherry Mayes.

This is all kinds of cool. I've been a big fan of Sherry's for years. She is the author of several books. The one that got me hooked years ago is: Be your own Psychic.

Gee, imagine that.

More recently I enjoyed her YA novel 'Stop the World'. :)

So, yay for the print cover of PSYCHOBYTE.

Not long now until release day.  (July 10! - it's available for preorder now.)

The physical launch is 12 days after the actual release day. I'll probably be in a better mood by then.
We're looking at July 22 for the launch party.
Still have to make the cake. That's a big job. Just the baking is a big job. Will hopefully get the ingredients next weekend and get it made. It takes 24 hours to soak the fruit, then 4 hours to bake the cake - and I need to be home to keep an eye on it. I haven't baked a fruit cake in my new oven yet. It seems to run a bit hotter than the old one so I'll definitely need to keep an eye on the cooking process. Better get more brown paper too.

Right now, I'd quite like to be holed up in Governor's Bay with The Knight. Away from everyone and everything.

But, I'm here and he's in Perth, for a bit longer yet.

We'd sooner be ... in Governor's Bay

Now the sun is trying to break through.
I don't believe it will last.

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