Thursday, April 21, 2016

Where in the world is Cat Connor ...


Not sure where I am? It's not that hard to work out. There are a few places I go on a fairly regular basis. If I'm not at home - there's a good chance I'm in the Sounds, Christchurch, or Perth.

It's a beautiful day here - bit of wind, but that's good and it's a warm wind so even better.  It's pretty quiet so far - well - apart from me making a racket with the radio, because I really like 6iX. (Except for yesterday when for some unexplained reason the station really irked me.)
They need to play some Lobo.

The not so little Breezy one had an audition for a short film this morning. Pretty exciting stuff. Not too many kids will be going back to school after the holidays saying they had a film audition. It's what she wants to do - act. She's lucky enough to have a fab agent and be on her way already.
I really hope she gets the part - it'll be a fantastic experience.

In other news ... not doing a lot of writing over here. I keep thinking I should be. Did a bit yesterday, but really, it's hard to shake the Game of Thrones stuff happening in my head. We've just watched the first season, starting season 2 tonight ... and it's encroaching on my dreams the Ellie usually does but with more blood.

Found myself reading EXACERBYTE this morning. I didn't mean to read, I was looking for an excerpt and got caught up. Guess that's a good thing? :)

Really should read ERASERBYTE  I have a Ngaio Marsh Murder in the Library event a few days after I get home and I should probably refresh my memory. Wrote Eraserbyte a wee while ago now and there is a lot in it that I'm sure I've forgotten. We're gearing up for the release of PSYCHOBYTE and I'm writing METABYTE ... so a few things have hijacked my mind since writing ERASERBYTE.

China Girl just came on the radio ... that song reminds me of DATABYTE. Every time I hear it, I think of a conversation Ellie had with Mike Davenport about that particular Bowie song.
It's kinda cool how songs pull me back into various scenes.


“David Bowie’s “China Girl” filled all available space in the room. Mike didn’t react. He was watching television. David Bowie wasn’t on.
It made me want to call Sandra and find out if anyone had asked her to investigate China Caldwell but she didn’t have a magic burn phone.
“Hey, Mike, what’s Bowie’s “China Girl” about?”
The television turned off.
“Play it …” he said.
I opened the laptop and waited for it to fire back up then clicked on the YouTube icon in the browser window, reminding myself not to sign in and advertise my presence. After finding the clip, we listened to it twice.
“Could just be about a guy who falls in love with a Chinese woman but doesn’t want to corrupt her,” Mike said.
“Or it could be about drug addiction,” I added. “China White rather than China Girl.”
“You’re Ellie again,” Mike muttered. “Laura would have gone with the romance not the drug addiction.”
I chose to ignore his comment.
“So, it could be a romantic thing or it could be drugs.”
Mike smiled. “Just like Leonard Cohen’s ‘Suzanne.’”
Frown lines creased my forehead. “Really?”
“It’s either about a woman who likes having sex by the river, or drugs.”
“You talk some crap,” I said. “Suzanne is about a woman he knew, a friend.”
Mike laughed. “Doesn’t take much to wind you up ...”

Excerpt From: Cat Connor. “Databyte.”

Right ... with that, I shall endeavor to write for the next few hours.

Stay Frosty.

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