Monday, April 25, 2016

The post about Jack

As promised ... this is the post about our night at the Market City Tavern. Sadly the photo's I attempted to covertly take didn't work. Bear with, we'll have to do this without photo evidence.

The Knight booked a table at the Tavern for the 6iX live broadcast on Saturday night. As we were sitting at our table looking over the menu we both spotted a man on the far side of the restaurant. He looked A LOT like Jack Nicholson but wearing a shite load more bling. No kidding, every finger bore gold, and let's not even mention the heavy chain around his neck. The dark glasses had us shaking our heads in amusement.
Anyway - we ordered - we quietly watched Jack and his wife. Neither smiled or talked as they ate. We, on the other hand, laughed, talked, and had a lovely time.
Jack got up and got dessert ... three times. Sweet tooth, I guess.
The Knight said 'He plays with his nose a lot.'
Yep. He did.
He disappeared then came back and was still playing with it. Shortly after that another couple joined them. Suddenly Jack was animated.
About then we decided we wanted to move - couldn't hear the music, and let's face it, we were there for the music not to watch Jack - as amusing as it was.

We headed for the dance floor after having a wee chat with the concierge about how all we could hear at our table was talking. :)

The Knight found us a couple of barstools and we perched on the end of the bar. Entertainment followed in the form of dancing. A couple of rock and roll dancers (worth noting that the best was a kiwi) took the floor. Was fun to watch. The night progressed. We amused ourselves and entered a couple of competitions. And yes, The Knight danced with me.

The dance floor filled up, everyone was having a fun time. The music kept cutting out which led to more amusement as everyone carried on singing. :)

Then we spotted Jack. He made himself at home in a big leather couch outside ... we figured whatever he was on finally kicked in when he took to the dance floor himself. Still wearing dark glasses. Oddly animated compared to earlier - he quickly became the life of the party. And we enjoyed every second as did a few other people. He shed his suit jacket to reveal a silvery tee shirt and even partook in some line dancing.

So, there you go, we spent Saturday night laughing, a lot and fully entertained by someone who looked so like Jack Nicholson it was amazing.

Yep, blurry ... it was late, there was quite a bit of corona consumed.

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