Saturday, April 9, 2016

If I were a carpenter ...

Listening to some Johnny Cash this morning. In case you didn't recognize the blog title. :)

There is a lovely blog post about me and the Ngaio Marsh Best Crime Novel Awards here
Saw it this morning, so nice!

I don't have a lot to tell you today.
Was a busy week, as usual.
I'm sick - latest cold bug that's doing the rounds. Not a fan. Really don't like colds. On the plus side - I should be all recovered by Friday. So yay!
This time next week I'll be in Perth.

Today I feel a bit crap:

BUT ... my hair is finally the shade of brown it should be!


That's all I have today.

I'm off up to the shop soon for the WPRR writing group then I need to go find a lightbulb for my bedside lamp and shoes for Brie.

Really want to get some cleaning/sorting done here and write, but I'm probably going to come home and nap.


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