Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Reconnecting ...

Sometimes it happens quite out of the blue. It's been like that lately here.
Reconnecting with people I knew in another life time, some of whom I worked with. It was definitely fun. Hopefully it'll also end up being just what the kids and I need to move us forward.

There's more reconnecting coming at Easter. Old friends from a long time ago - and also my youngest son is coming back from Sydney with his lovely girlfriend for Easter.

And then there's Perth and some serious reconnecting. :)

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to be writing. Yep, that's right. In fact I had been ... made some big strides in METABYTE but this last six days have been tricky - I'm just not that into it at the moment.

Breezy met with her agent on Sunday. That was super fun for her. She also discovered she has a natural American accent (yeah, no surprise) and is a natural in front of the camera (again, no surprise). Liz is awesome and did masses for Breezy's confidence ... she was pretty stoked to be referred to as an actor. :)
And so it begins.

The mock ups for the PSYCHOBYTE cover arrived today. Spent all day looking at them. Got the kids to weigh in and all seven did!
Consensus is number 2.
I am aware that means nothing to you.
You'll see it eventually. :)
I will tell you this ... the main color is purple and there is a dragonfly (just like ERASERBYTE).

Going to share a bit of Psychobyte tonight. We must be getting close to a release day.
Pretty exciting.

Psychobyte excerpt:

Kurt and I stood in the kitchen. Neither of us spoke for a beat.
“Hand okay?” Kurt did not take his eyes off the envelope on the counter.
“No. Hurts like a bitch,” I replied, willing the envelope to give up its contents.
Kurt opened the freezer and took out an ice-pack. He handed it to me.
“Put that on your hand.”
I did. The cold hurt, I couldn’t tell if it was worse with the ice or without. 
The envelope just lay there upon my counter daring one of us to open it. Could be that the envelope was the innocent victim of my inherent mistrust of people. That the lack of a postmark was because someone I knew dropped it off in person rather than mailing it. That it was an invitation to an event and not at all sinister. Also, pigs fly and unicorns poop rainbows and no one has ever tried to kill me or broken into my home before. 
My laughter took me by surprise. 

“Share?” he said.

And then there is this ... no cover art yet, but it's pretty fun anyway.

Have I mentioned how much I love my Macbook lately?  :)

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