Monday, March 14, 2016

Exciting things ahead

It's Monday morning.

That's not overly exciting but it is only 32 days until I land in Perth ... and that is exciting. Even better because half my stuff is already over there - so I don't need to pack so much now. This time I'm taking a quilt with me for The Knight. There's this particular silk quilt that he really likes - it's one of the first ones Wonder Woman made, it's shades of purple (and The Knight likes purple) and will fit his king sized bed.

Other than that ...

Ngaio Marsh Best Crime Novel Award season is upon us.
Super exciting.
There are a few of us in the Wellington Region who might be doing an event together at some stage. Big fun.

Psychobyte should be out soonish.
I still don't know when but it can't be too long now. I've seen mock ups of the cover art. Not sure which version we'll end up with - any one of them would work, but there is one I liked more than the others.

I currently have a teenager with what's looking like the flu. She's really quite ill. Not much fun for poor TGW. I better get her some apple juice on the way home I think and maybe ice-blocks for her very sore throat.
To be honest I'm starting to feel less than stellar myself but hoping I don't get her germs.

Am getting a bit of writing done today. Really need to put together a murder board - kinda wishing i didn't toss my big whiteboard out. That's about the only thing it was good for.

On Saturday I hosted a self-publishing workshop and was told it was better than a Vic Uni workshop. That was pretty damn good to hear and surprising. :)

The memoir writing course is moving along nicely.
Hopefully the mind mapping ideas will help them all. Now I need to be thinking about this weeks session!

I think that's about all that's happening at the moment.

But wait there's more ... the story behind ERASERBYTE

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