Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter 2016

Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend and doing whatever it is that makes you happy.

This weekend is all about family and old friends (some of which are family), and having fun catching up with everyone.

It certainly started well, with The Boy Wonder and Bat Girl home from Sydney for the weekend. :)

On the writing front ... no news really.
Still writing Metabyte, hoping to have a tonne done before I go to Perth and then knock the rest off over there. Might be a bit hopeful?
Waiting to hear back from a few authors who are giving me some endorsement type blurbs for Psychobyte. And waiting to hear when Psychobyte will be released. Should hear soon, I hope, then I can decided what I'm going to do (if anything) to mark the occasion.
Pretty much decided not to launch the book like I have the last four - publicly. It involves a lot of effort and now that I'm not volunteering at the library, it'll probably cost a bit too.
Not ruling out a party though - and cake. We'll see how many hours work I get before I go away.

Damn it's gotten cold today.

Became very used to heat and all of a sudden it feels like autumn. Not a fan of cold. Almost thinking I need to change my clothes and put on Merino before I go out. That's crazy talk! Wasn't planning on long sleeves and merino for at least a month. Was hoping to get away with not wearing layers until after I get back from Perth in May.
Really might have to rethink that plan. (I'm freezing my ass off sitting at my desk!)

Did you know I've never written a short story set around Easter? I know, right?
Thinking I probably should, especially as I've done weird 'days' like National Pizza Day and MIL day. There's plenty of Christmas season ones.
Maybe I've got a block when it comes to chocolate eggs and bunnies.

On that note - I better sort my crap out and get ready to go hang out with friends and have some fun.

Be safe out there.

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