Sunday, February 21, 2016

YouTube on the telly

Last night, the girls and I watched YouTube on the TV. I got to see all my trailers, old videos of Breezy when she was completely obsessed by Lorenza and Bon Jovi, videos that Squealer (aka The Girl Wonder or TGW) made four years ago of Connaire, Breezy, and Romeo, Kane singing Teddy Bear ... so much stuff I'd forgotten about because ... I ended up with two YouTube accounts. [Google tried to take over my life and hijacked my world.] So, we watched all the videos on my first account, the one I liked to use, the one I can no longer use because logging into it logs me out of EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE because pretty much Google sucks. :)
But it was super fun watching all that stuff on the big screen.
Loved it.

Today is 54 days until Perth.
It's getting more and more exciting as the days tick by. I love being with The Knight. Perth is a fabulous place to be. I'll be writing during the day while I'm away. Hopefully I'll make some really good progress.

I'm currently volunteering with ITW: hoping to create a Facebook page for NZ members and from there we can do some cool stuff - like actually get together, maybe put some short stories together, ya know - fun stuff. 
If you don't know what ITW is, chances are you're not a member. If you write thrillers and are a kiwi, hop through the link to the right and see if you qualify. :)  (If you write thrillers and are any nationality go see. It's just that I'm interested in kiwi thriller writers at the moment.)

In other news: Metabyte is coming along nicely. Back into enjoying the process and the craziness that comes with writing anything with Ellie in it. Heard something nice this morning about how it's evident in my writing that I enjoy writing this series. 
That's good. Whew!
I have been aware for years that readers could potentially tell if I was writing while tired, because, long ago, a dear friend (a kiwi journo living in Germany) read some chapters for me and said. "You were tired when you wrote this." He was right. I've never written tired again. :)
I do try and keep my writing to mornings these days, to limit the tiredness factor. Sometimes I do write in the late evening or very occasionally, late at night. (Only if I'm not tired!)
I've yet to have anyone say, "You were drunk while writing this ..." hahaha
Yeah, nah, I don't write pissed. But I've looked at some scenes (some of the warped ones involving Ellie) and thought, what the hell was I on? 
Nothing: is the answer.
I just have a particularly warped, twisty, mind that sees things other people don't. 

We're now on the downward slope to the release of PSYCHOBYTE. 
I don't have a date yet, but, it can't be too far off.
Waiting to see the cover at the moment. 
Exciting stuff.

I'm off to do stuff ... don't know what yet. Probably not much seeings a migraine woke me at 5 and then kicked back in around 9. There'll be no writing today. My brain says no.

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