Wednesday, February 3, 2016

With These Two Hands


Yes I know I've been slack at blogging. I've been pretty shocking at writing too. I'm writing this standing at the shop counter, with iTunes playing. Because I can.

I should be writing while it's fairly quiet in here. Don't feel like it. So I'm not. Have a lot to do (writing wise) but I'm in a non-writing-can't-be-fucked place. Not entirely sure why but it's hung around for awhile. Maybe I need to refuse to allow myself to write then it'll be all I want to do ...

The day started badly with the 10 year old being a pain in the bum - it's her default school day setting. I'm tired of it.

I did something I haven't done before today. I brought my pendulum with me to work. It seems to like it here. The Knight called it my plumb bob - it's exactly what it looks like. :)
So anyway, I have it with me. It doesn't help me write but it does answer questions. Apparently I have a lot of questions.
Such fun.

We still need a big map of NZ for our wall, so we can stick photos and names of authors on it.
Might have to draw one! I could do it right on the wall I suppose. Might be tricky. Hmmm, but then again it might not be as hard as I think.

Ideas are forming. They may not work, but they're worth a shot.

In actual writing news ... the byte series will soon be available on kindle unlimited. Now that's good news. No more smashwords, itunes, kobo, whatever for us. It's going to be Amazon all the way for eBooks. Print books will still be available at the usual places.

Can't be too long before EXACERBYTE is an audio book. Very much looking forward to hearing it.
It'll be available via the RNZ Blind Foundation for sight impaired NZers.

72 days until I see The Knight again. Very much looking forward to landing at Perth International Airport. Even quite like leaving NZ via Auckland, now I've gotten used to it. This will be the latest arrival time yet. I don't land until just after 11pm. Good chance I'll be a bit tired. That'll be 4am NZ time. Yes, I'm already thinking about the trip and being in Perth.
What does that say? It says I'm in dire need of adult time: without whining, complaining, someone who refuses to do things and throws tantrums over nothing, and generally causes stress.
Roll on Perth.

No idea when PSYCHOBYTE will be available. I think I should make some bloody aprons before it's released. Not feeling like launching it like I've done in the past. (Publicly with cake, wine, nibbly stuff, and so forth.) Feeling more like a party would be the thing. If I make a cake it'll have to be March - because it'll need booze fed to it for a good few weeks before icing. Oh, an idea just popped into my head. I'm seeing a white cake covered in blood spatter and a bloody knife sticking out of it. That might be truly fabulous.
I'll think about it.
There's a good chance I'll be away when it's released so the launch might be early (like last time) or late. Guess I'll find out eventually.


this made me smile!

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