Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Diamonds are forever

It's one of my favorite Bond movies and a fab Shirley Bassey song. What's not to love about diamonds?

Yes, that may seem like an odd way to start a blog ... perhaps only if you've not been here before. :)
You'll get used to it.

After months of being unsettled and unable to find my writing space (I thought it would be at the shop - I was very wrong) I've now found my space. It's in the kitchen. Not at the kitchen table, but at my enormous grey desk. So it's not a kitchen slash dining room anymore. It's a kitchen slash office. I've got my stereo back on my desk, I can shut the door and not hear the kids or creatures. I'm close to the coffee and tequila. Starting to feel like a match made in heaven.

I did try a few times to write at the ridiculously small kitchen table, but I had no where to put my legs, they're quite long and didn't fit comfortably under the table. That was a no go.
I tried writing in my room, sitting on my bed ... and I just couldn't get comfortable with my Macbook on my lap. So, that was a fail.
The lounge is too noisy and I can't have my music on when the TV or Xbox are on, or when Breezy is using the PC. Don't even try to tell me I should use earphones - just no. When I'm writing the music cannot be that close. It needs to be where I need it. :)

Desperation kicked in and it's time to try the kitchen. I once wrote two books in a laundry room so this seems like a step up? Previous house had a long wide laundry with much wasted space - it became my office for about 6 months. You may have heard of the books ... I'm pretty sure they were terrorbyte and exacerbyte.

I would quite like to finish Metabyte. So once I'm through reading Psychobyte for the last time and have sent it back to the lovely Jayne at Rebel ePublishers, I intend to knuckle down and do some serious writing. Before I lose my mind or ability to string words together completely.

I was privileged to read some comments from one of the Ngaio Marsh Award judges regarding DATABYTE today. Went quite a way toward making me feel like writing again and also, I may not be shit after all? That's nice to know.

I shall pop parts of it here and you can have a read too. I don't know which judge this was from ...

Cat Connor writes with a good eye and ear for what her audience will respond to. Nice, laconic voice, right from the get-go. Ellie Conway is an energetic protagonist, even when she’s just observing. At its best it has a Ludlum-esque sense of pacing and vitality of imagination that helps the plot to gallop along ... [Jumping now because the next section is about one sentence and quite involved]
... One thing the author does well is mix dialogue and interior monologue in interwoven lines. That is often a disaster but Cat Connor has a sharp ear and knows her protagonist well enough to know how much is enough and not too much. E.g. 
‘You going to check the computer?’
‘In a second.’
I’m just trying to clear my vision, and push through the excruciating pain. It’s all good. 
‘Do stalkers usually employ drive-by shooting?’
Oh, okay, he’s worried. 
‘Hmm, see that’s where it all falls over. Stalkers tend to be more personal in their contact and murder attempts.’
No one will ever forget John Lennon’s shooting. 
‘So they weren’t after me?’
‘I wouldn’t go that far. But I don’t think that was about you.’
That is well rendered. In fact the dialogue fair crackles throughout. Occasionally it borders on 60’s Russ Meyer style camp, e.g. Mike’s line – ‘Hot chick with a gun following me. I like my life.’But that fits well with the author’s and protagonist’s style. The author is comfortable enough with her context and its sound to get away with that, and her characterization supports the reader ‘hearing’ that from the characters, in context. 
Full of incident and intrigue and with a welcome kick-ass protagonist, this was a good read. 

Ya know (yes it's me again), that's not half-bad.
Russ Meyer style
These are not bad things at all.

Maybe I'll write the last book. :)

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