Monday, February 29, 2016

An Extra Day Of Summer

That's right, it's a leap year. Summer is one day longer. :)
Or I choose to believe it's a day longer, beats having a day more Autumn.

I'm not the most joyful person today. Have a blister the size of  $2 coin (a kiwi one) on the ball of my foot - and it's making walking a bit annoying. Also, it's a leap day.

On a positive note:
I wrote an extra chapter into psychobyte, added a scene involving the Darknet - that was fun. And sent the MS back to Jayne at Rebel. (After Beck read the changes.)
Will hopefully get some writing done later - still working on Metabyte but it's moving a bit quicker now. So, Yay.

This morning when I was walking to work I kept seeing Ellie slam a BIG pile of files down on a desk. She was not a happy camper. Not sure what that's about. Have a sneaking suspicion it's about my decision to make metabyte the last byte novel. I was getting the impression yesterday that she'd changed her mind ... maybe that's why I couldn't envisage the final chapter?

That pretty much sums up the feeling I'm getting from Ellie today. :)

Know what I don't like?
People smoking outside the shop - because the cigarette smoke funnels straight in here and it's disgusting.

Fuck off and smoke somewhere else, away from people!

I need to go open up a file on the work laptop - I've been putting it off, because that craptop drives me freaking mental.
I'm used to instant (Oh how I love my Macbook) and the craptop takes FOREVER to do anything.
How I haven't put my fist through it I don't know!

But I better go do this thing ...
or maybe I should eat a sandwich?

Yeah, and make a coffee.

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