Friday, January 1, 2016


We all knew that Romeo would end up in a book. It was only a matter of time ... so no surprise that he features largely (he's not little) in Nothing Happens Here.

I unclipped his lead, but held his harness. With my other hand, I rubbed his haunches. He bounced. I let go. “Go!”
He careened toward the high-corrugated steel fence. I watched. A greyhound in full flight is impressive. I knew I’d never tire of seeing him run. Romeo turned at the last second and came back to me. Panting. 
I patted him. 
“Go!” I said, sending him off again. This time he ran to the fence and braked hard, sending muddy dirt flying up from his feet. He shoved his nose in the mounded grass clippings and mulch by the fence. No amount of calling made a difference. His nose was on and his ears were off. 
“Is there a rabbit hole over there, Ro?” I asked walking over to him. He didn’t look at me until I was right beside him. “What is it, Romeo?” 
There was nothing to see, but he was rooting around with his nose in the old grass clippings and mulch for all he was worth. I scoured the ground looking for telltale bunny poop. Nothing. I didn’t remember seeing bunny poop anywhere on the field.
“Leave it,” I said. Romeo looked at me and backed away from the fence. “Good boy.”
I stepped in closer to see if I could find anything. I half-expected a rabbit. He was still sniffing hard next to me. Didn’t seem to be any obvious rabbit holes in the mulchy grass. 
I scooted some off the top with my foot and a hand flopped out. 
A hand.

Romeo sniffed harder, and closed in on the appendage. I clipped his lead onto his harness and moved him away. 

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