Thursday, January 21, 2016

peanut, raisin, and cranberry addiction

This afternoon, Steve from Tommy's came into the shop to see me.

He burst into the shop yesterday (I was already at home) saying "What do you mean Nothing Happens, [spoiler]'s dead!"

It made me very happy to hear that.

Today, Steve came in to chat about "Nothing Happens Here by DJ Lane" -we took our chat outside so we didn't drop spoilers in front of Caro.

NHH is a fun book (and not at all like The Byte series novels) and hearing that someone is enjoying it brings me joy. :)

The second one promises to be fun too - and now that I've openly said how much I've struggled with writing over the last year it's now looking like writing is happening again.
Maybe I needed to acknowledge the struggle and that I was beginning to feel like I'd lost my ability to string words together?

Whatever it was ... I'm back. Not at full strength, but definitely heading that way. Things are looking up on the writing front, and the other fronts are moving in the right direction too.

Also, the psychobyte edits are done. Just reading through the book now - on my kindle. YAY.

Seems I've developed an obsession/addiction to peanuts, raisins, and cranberries. Haven't really eaten peanuts for years - not my favorite nut at all. I'm more your pecan, walnut, macadamia, cashew type girl. The last week or so it's been peanuts ... they're not great for my already aching jaw. Not the smartest choice in obsession food really.
No doubt it will end soon and I'll find something else.
Wonder if there's something in peanuts that my body needs?
So, I Googled and found this ... PEANUTS
I'm just going to carry on eating roasted peanuts without a second thought.
Who knew they were such a health giving little legume?

I better move and bring the washing.
I've recovered from walking home laden with groceries for the starving children. (It's been my experience that children are ALWAYS starving ... because laziness is their modus operandi.)

Looking forward to curling up with psychobyte again later and making sure I got everything. :)

Oh, and this, if you wanted to join a writing group (like A Writer's Plot that I used to run at the library) ... one will be starting on Feb 6th, places LIMITED. $10 a session. We'll be meeting every 3 weeks on a Saturday morning at the shop.
Tea and coffee included.

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