Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Morning. Wanna play a game?

I'm pretty sure it's Wednesday ... which means Christmas isn't far off now. 

I was writing yesterday - used to be that was my every day thing, now it's occasional boarding on rare. I'm really enjoying writing the next kiwi book - Ellie is having a rest for a bit while I do something that's different. I'm hoping that next year I'll be able to get back into writing properly. This, hit and miss, trying to find time and inspiration isn't working. I much preferred life when writing was what I did and everything else worked around that. 

On a more joyful thought ... The Knight is here and it's fabulous. :)

Want to play a game?
Of course you do.

Here's the thing. I'll post some excerpts here and if you can tell me what book they're from then there will be a prize. Leave me a comment here with the book titles in list form. To make it slightly easier ... two right gets you into the draw for a prize. (The Knight will be roped in to make the draw.)

Excerpt One:
“Coffee, SSA,” Troy said setting the take-out cup on my desk.
“Thanks,” I replied motioning him to sit. “I’ve added you to the new case file so you can access the information and work within the file.” My eyes rose over the laptop screen. “Do you know who these women are?”
“Yes. I tracked them back to their entry into the United States.”

Excerpt Two:
I felt myself topple backwards. Mac caught me and sat me back up. “How do you fall from a sitting position on the floor?”
“I dunno,” I replied. I struggled to sit up and pour another shot. “Fuck him.” I slammed the liquid and refilled my glass.
“Hey!” Mac held out his glass. The bottle wobbled in my hand as I tipped it.
“You know, Gabrielle.”
I peered sideways at him. It was rare for him to use my given name. I considered he may have something astronomically important to impart.

Excerpt Three:
Roscoe leaned against my leg as I walked him through the back gate and over to his impressive dog run. He walked inside, whined and pushed against me. I patted his head and tried to speak to him calmly. “It’ll be okay Roscoe.” I knew he knew Cassie wasn’t coming back.
The dog dropped to the ground, his head on his paws, brown sad eyes watching me, as if his life-force had drained with Cassie’s. I checked he had water and tossed him a few dog biscuits. Cassie kept a small bag of dog snacks in a cupboard inside the run. It also contained his leash and brush. Roscoe took a biscuit into his kennel. He flopped onto his bed. I closed the wire gate and locked it. I expected the sound of dog teeth crunching to follow me from the backyard but there was nothing but a mournful silence. By the time I reached the house the yard was filled with the saddest howl I could’ve ever imagined.

Excerpt Four:
I pointed to the building he’d talked about then made a sweeping upward motion with my hand, then held my left hand up and touched the top of my fingers with the side of my other hand. He gave me a thumbs up in return as he said, “Let’s do it. You’re number two.”
I signaled two then pointed to myself. He pointed at me, extended his arm, then bent his arm at the elbow bringing his arm toward him, and then pumped his fist. Come to me, double time.
I ran over to Dixon and stopped behind him.
“Saddle up, Conway, we’re going in.” I put my left hand on his shoulder in preparation for us moving.
* * *

Have fun!

And this morning it occurred to me that I didn't give you a time frame! (What was I thinking? Don't answer that.)
Comment with your guesses (or indeed your correct responses) by 5PM on Christmas Eve. :) (NZ time ... so get in early if you're in the other hemisphere - remember we down here are a day ahead of most of you.)

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