Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's Upper Hutt ...


The days are racing by ... Hopefully from tomorrow they'll slow somewhat.
The Knight arrives in the morning. It's been a long 19 weeks and we're both struggling. But tomorrow will be magical (like it always is when we are together).

Also, The a Prodigal Son, Breezy, and Superman have had their birthdays ... Now it's my birthday week!!
Roll on the fun times. 
I'm going to enjoy every second!

All the stress of Breezy's birthday and camp will be gone by the morning. Thank Goodness.
The stress induced migraine will be gone too. Yay!

You know how I don't read reviews unless they're pointed out/thrust forcefully into my hands? 
Yeah, that.
Well ... There is a fabulous review of ERASERBYTE on Amazon. 

How cool is that

On that note I shall disappear and read some more. Currently reading STOP the WORLD by Sherron Mayes. Throughly enjoying it so far. A proper review will follow once I'm finished.

This guy just landed in Auckland ... not long now!

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