Thursday, November 5, 2015

The land that spring forgot

You have to love the Wellington Region in spring ... no, actually you don't. It's miserable. The last two days have been as cold as mid winter.
Just when it felt like summer was around the corner an antarctic blast hit.

Sitting at my desk, in the shop, freezing my ass off because I'm sitting at my desk, is not as much fun as it sounds. Selling books is fun. Talking to writers is fun. Writing is fun (precious little of that going on at the moment). Working through my edits from Rebel is fun. Being cold. Nah.

Now that the decision has been made to end Writer's Plot this year, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it. Pleased to not have the hassle and the ongoing commitment  but also a bit sad at ending it all after nearly 4 years. But the last year in particular has been total frustration on my part and left me jaded, tired, and wondering why on earth I bothered.
So, I shall no longer put myself through that particular brand of frustration.

In other news:
I am working through edits for psychobyte - they arrived in my inbox on Tuesday morning. I'm almost finished.

Feel like I've met a lot of people lately - in particular a lot of authors. And I have. It's interesting. I am finding it a little bit tiring though. Used to only have to be 'on' one Saturday a fortnight ... now it's 6 days a week sometimes 7. This week it's 7.
Would be nice to sell enough books to get paid or bring enough money in to get paid.
At the moment I'm doing the same kinda thing with the courses that I did at the library. But shorter courses and more engaged writers because they are paying - the shop - not me. So, it's the same situation for me, still doing stuff for free which doesn't feed kids or put shoes on their feet or pay the rent.
This month is hard. Next month will be better.

Next month Breezy turns 10.
Not sure where the last 10 years have gone but gone they have.

And just after that Superman turns 'mumble mumble'. He thinks birthdays should stop at 74 because there is no point being any older. Regardless, he's turning 'mumble mumble' on Dec 7th.

And just after that The Knight arrives!

But wait there's more ... Dec 11th is the launch of 'Nothing Happens Here' at the shop!

And then ... it's my birthday! And The Knight will be here for that and for his birthday. :)
Oh happy days.

I might even finish this freaking book (metabyte which is byte number 10, if you include snakebyte) by Christmas. It is becoming increasingly hard to write. Not because the book is hard to write but because writing is becoming increasingly hard. Tiredness is a problem. Writing when I'm tired isn't a good idea. The temptation to kill all my characters is high. :)

I'd really like to ditch this and just write another kiwi book. OMG, who am I???
Well, to be fair, I started the kiwi book and was kinda doing a simultaneous writing thing but it's the kiwi book that really interests me at the moment. Maybe that's because I'm in the shop?

It's possible.

There ya go, you're all caught up. :)

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