Saturday, November 14, 2015

Messing around with stuff

Some people call it writing ... me, I mess around with stuff. :)

Anyway, it's been a busy week.
This afternoon I think I've finished the edits for psychobyte ... think, because Admin One is now reading for me. Really need a couple more people to read but never mind.

While I was messing around with stuff I converted the Pages doc to ePub and sent it to my phone and iPad. Admin One sent it to her iPad too.
Usually I just send .docx to my kindle to read but I thought it'd be fun to try something else. And it is.

It's 25 days until The Knight arrives and Breezy goes to camp.
Exciting stuff.

Decided we'd create a last Writer's Plot collection of short stories - which we intend to have available for Christmas, all going well. By all going well I mean ... if all the WPers who have written stories for the challenges over the last (almost) four years actually send us some of their best by Monday night. Otherwise it'll be a really short collection.
So, I'm imagining it'll be really short.
Yeah, I have no faith left.
But I do have wine and chocolate - so who cares?

Today Caro and I were interviewed for a radio show, which will be available on podcast - I'm sure I'll post the link when we get it. It won't be until about Dec 8.

The short story course I'm teaching is going well. (As far as I can tell.) Awesome bunch of people who are keen and learning and applying and sharing. There is much joy there.

I think that's about all really.
A lot has happened but I can't remember all of it and I'm tired.

Looking forward to The Knight being here so I won't be so tired ... be n ice not to have this five hour time difference for a few weeks.

Metabyte is going to be a novella I think.
Yes, I'm that tired.

Meanwhile ... got a kiwi book to write that is interesting me.
So, I should get on with that.

Hope you're well.

A word from Romeo:
He's rather excited to be a character in Nothing Happens Here.

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