Sunday, November 29, 2015

A week went by in the blink of an eye

I dunno where time is going but it's sure going there fast at the moment.

It's Sunday night. The last Sunday night of November and that means ... my little Breezy turns ten this coming Saturday and her big brother turns thirty-three this coming Thursday. Both these things astound me.

Being Sunday also means it's the first day of the week ... therefore The Knight arrives next week. :)
(Also next week, it's Superman's birthday, Nothing Happens Here launches, and it's my birthday.)
The thing that really matters is ... The Knight arrives next week!!
10 days.
Much excitement.

Ah, no. You?

Psychobyte is safely back with my editor at Rebel, so it's no longer my concern until she gets back to me and there's a couple of things in the queue.

My gorgeous watch broke - well not the watch - the strap, more exactly, the mechanism that releases the strap. I was trapped in my watch until it finally released, glad it did as I was a bit worried about not being able to get it off and potential steam damage from showers. Now I feel naked. Hate not wearing my watch. I need to take it back to Michael Hill and get them to replace the strap post haste. Except I won't be back in UH until Tuesday. So no watch until then. :(

Most of morning was spent talking with The Knight. Then came the baking, and hanging out with Breezy and Romeo. TGW emerged briefly for food then disappeared back into her room.
Friday and yesterday - Breezy and I decorated.
TGW emerged briefly for food and to cast aspersions on our decorating. :) She's embracing her teenage years.
Breezy wanted to break the Christmas rule and put the tree up BEFORE my birthday. So we did, because why not? Bit of a mission finding the base for the tree - but I found it, oddly it didn't have the transformer with it. That is really strange, I wonder if I missed it in the bottom of the huge box ... at the back of the Harry Potter cupboard. Sigh. Guess I'll be dragging everything out again.
Be nice if I didn't hit my head twice this time.
Last weekend that cupboard attacked me TWICE. I ended up with two very tender areas on my scalp.
Hopeless really.

Both the PC and laptop have been upgraded to Windows 10. I actually like it.
Taking the laptop home from the shop to update it reminded me how heavy it is compared to my Mackbook. I can't believe I travelled all over with that freaking laptop. I much prefer my Mac, thanks.

I better get a drink and decide if I'm going to write anything. :)

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