Saturday, November 21, 2015

A little bit more

Had a Dr Hook song in my head almost all week.
It's not a bad thing.

Lucky you, I decided to share the love!

Waiting to hear back from three people reading psychobyte - been waiting all week.
Getting impatient now.

Think I'll send it back to Rebel tonight whether I've heard or not.
I've almost finished reading it myself. Found a random 'here' - which was a note to myself. A double fullstop and a missing fullstop - but can't for the life of me figure out where the missing one was!

I want psychobyte gone, so I'll send it tonight.
It's sitting there pissing me off, and that's not a good thing.

At the moment I'm putting 27 short stories from WP members into a final book. Think I've settled on a title ... C'est La Vie.
Although every time I see those words I think of Pulp Fiction and I really dislike that movie. Yes, yes, I know, I'm the only person you've ever come across who doesn't like  Pulp Fiction. Get over it. I'm not a big Travolta fan either. :)

I could have this collection finished by now - but I don't like the way I put it all together and some people couldn't remember what challenge they wrote particular stories for ... so I ripped it all apart and am starting again.

Want to do it on the PC so I can see it two pages at a time on a bigger screen. Should be able to do that tomorrow or Monday. Pretty sure I don't need a G key to finish it off. (I think the PC keyboard's G key went up the vacuum cleaner ... whoops)

11 days until The Prodigal Son's birthday.
14 days until Breezy turns 10!
16 days until Superman turns mumble-mumble-not-having-anymore-birthdays.
18 days until Breezy goes to camp.
18 days until The Knight arrives.
20 days until the official launch of Nothing Happens Here (at Writers Plot Readers Read bookshop).
21 days until my birthday.
24 days until Xanthea turns 1.

Meanwhile - I better get ready to go to work. Don't want to, I'm tired of not having weekends and not having time to spend with my kids.
Looking forward to no more Writer's Plot - truly sick of being gone all day on a Saturday for nothing.
Think it's time other people did Saturdays so Caro and I got our weekends back.

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