Saturday, October 31, 2015

Werewolves not swearwolves :)

Happy Halloween.

Last night we had a movie fundraiser event at MIRO cinema. The movie ... What we do in the shadows.
Hilarious movie.

You know that thing when you see someone and you know you know them but can't place them? Yeah that. Happened at the cinema last night. Leanne remembered me. I remembered her too ... took us a while. Then I said 'Dentistry'. And it all fell into place. We both worked for the same dental practise (more years ago than I'd care to mention). Small world.

The Knight and I really should go to a movie at the MIRO cinema when he's here in Dec. He'd really like it. So, that's on the list of things to do.
39 days.
It's going faster now.

This morning I need to get my notes together for a workshop this afternoon. I know it'll be fun. It's just at the moment trying to think through headache fog is hard.
Waking up every morning with a massive headache (bad enough that I throw up) is not fun. This morning it was 4am. Nice. About quarter past four I started thinking the ED might be a good idea.  4:30 before the pain meds kicked in and I could start to get back to sleep. Antibiotics have hit the sinus infection and almost knocked it out completely. I'm starting to think the headaches are something else. Not enjoying some aspects of life at the moment.

Enough whinging. Could be worse. :)

This week I have written a bit - not a huge amount maybe around the 4k mark. But that's more than I've written since coming home from Perth, so, I'm happy to be writing.
Or happy that I've written something.
Not looking goor for finishing this book by the end of the year though. I could ... if I could get some uninterrupted writing time every day for the next month. Yeah, don't see that in my future.

I'm too tired to write when I get home from the shop - so writing at night or getting up early and writing isn't happening. When things settle down it should be easier. Or maybe I need No-Doze.

No swearing in todays blog ... winning!


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