Sunday, October 25, 2015

That thing when you realise ...

Pretty much all your friends live MILES away - if not in another country then in a different part of this country. Too far to pop over and visit for an afternoon, or go to a movie with, or go to the pub with.
Maybe it's time I joined them?

Used to be that I had reasons why I couldn't/shouldn't leave UH.
Can't really think of any at the moment.

I'm wrapping up WP on Dec 5th, and not ever doing it again. I'm completely over giving up my time and energy and life for no return. It's not worth the aggravation and mental exhaustion.
Pay me and I'll put up with almost anything but doing it for free? Nah, not any more. It's been almost four years. I think that's enough.

Had some writing to do this weekend. I've finished it. Just need some feed back then I'll send it to the appropriate place. It's a James Patterson MasterClass thing. Lot's of fun.
The Knight will read the scene for me later (he's grocery shopping at the moment). I don't imagine anyone else will say they will help out by reading it for me. So, there ya go.
No illusions.

First day off in two weeks. It's been nice. I cleaned when I got home last night so I didn't have to do that today. Today I baked, got the last of the washing done, and took Breezy to the park.
She's now watching Alice in Wonderland.

Have tomorrow off too. Yay for long weekends. Not planning on getting up until lunchtime. Breezy is going out with her friend and friends mum on an adventure, about 9:30. I am going to see if I can actually sleep in and try to get rid of this headache. Never Google 'pressure in forehead'. The first thing that comes up is brain tumour. Yeah nah. Far more likely to be a sinus issue. Go fuck yourself Thanks Google.

Struggling to write at the moment. We're going to end the year without a finished novel. And that hasn't happened in 10 YEARS. I should have #9 in the Byte series finished by now, and it's not even half way. I simply can't concentrate on writing (or anything for any length of time). Not sure how to fix that either. I've tried all sorts of things but cannot get into a good space writing wise. Haven't even been writing short stories this year. Usually I've done a few of those by now and at least one novel. Not this year.
This year I've failed at doing what I love and what I need to do. It's incredibly frustrating.

It's also been causing quite a bit of stress. Usually that translates into lots of words in an MS. I suspect it hasn't this time because it's stress caused by not being able to write. Imagine?
Yeah my eyes are rolling.

Wait .... never mind, I remember. 

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