Sunday, October 11, 2015

No apologies

It's Sunday. The only day of the week my alarm doesn't go. So, I'm making the most of it. In bed drinking my coffee. :)

Had a long conversation with The Knight last night (that's normal) but now we have something to aim for. He'll be here in December which is fantastic, but it's also ages away and that makes this gap our longest. Instead of 11-13 weeks it's 19 weeks. 19! God! But still better than 34 years. :)
Time goes so fast that he'll be here before I know it.
Best thing is, he'll be here for my next book launch, my birthday, his mum's birthday, Christmas, and his birthday. There is a chance he'll be here for Superman's birthday too and maybe Breezy's as well.
So many Dec birthday's. :)

So, writing?
It's not been very successful this last few months. Getting the shop sorted and open, and having poor Breezy at work with me because of school holidays, has not been good for writing. I'm too tired at night to think and too distracted during the day to concentrate. Here's hoping this week works better writing wise. I need to get this book finished. Actually both of them finished. Yeah, writing two at once, two different stories set in two entirely different parts of the world ... doing my freaking head in.
At the moment I feel like setting Metabyte aside and working on the kiwi story, which might be a good thing. Doesn't take much effort these days to write Veronica, Nana, and Donald. Whereas Ellie, Mitch, Kurt, Lee, and Sam are twisting in the fucking wind and going off on tangents. Problem there is, they probably aren't, I'm just not in the right headspace to follow what's happening.
Just when I have a clear idea what's happening something else pops up and the last thing that popped up was a Freemason symbol painted on a crime scene - that's muddied things even more. Maybe I need to sit back and read this story so far and get a better idea of who the new players are. Dane Wesson is a pretty cool character but he's not helping make anything clearer so far. :)

I need a new day planner or to start carrying mine with me or something. Using outlook and my iPhone calendar is great BUT I need to see the whole week at once and to see everything that's happening every day and flip to the next week ... I need paper.
Just found a diary in my drawer that will work just fine. Yay. :)
Now to sit down and write everything in - so much happening at work over the next two months.

Meanwhile - it's Sunday ... and I'm going back to sleep.

Oh hang on - Terrorbyte is an audio book (NZ Blind Foundation produced it) very much looking forward to getting my copy - hopefully next week, so I can hear it. Susan Ronn did the voice acting again. Awesome!
And NZBF have purchased Exacerbyte - so that'll be next. Had a wonderfully positive conversation with Phil Turner at the Blind Foundation and am feeling super positive about the changes happening there. :)

And I was the best seller in the shop last week. How cool is that?

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