Friday, September 25, 2015

We open in a week

No pressure.


I'm a bit tired. I know Caro is too. We're almost there.

Just have to get through the next week. :)

Power would be nice. Rather hoping that happens fairly early this morning. So, then I can get on with other stuff - rather than waiting around (finishing off the painting) in the shop - and trying to wash paint brushes in the dark kitchen. hahaha. What an adventure.

So, I'll be up at the shop right after dropping the Breezy child at school. Oh the fun.

Have a phone call to make this morning so I'll do that while I'm up there. Best make sure I have my notebook with me. Don't see the point wearing tidy clothes - I'll be wearing my painting jeans today and painting sweatshirt

... was looking everywhere for my running shoes yesterday. Found them on TGW's feet late yesterday afternoon. Well that solved that mystery. Think I'll steal them back today.

Would be super nice to get some writing done - I'm hoping that will happen over the weekend.
Starting to really miss writing.
It's a lot less painful than painting. :)

Not looking good for my books being in the shop when we open next Friday.
It was looking good about three weeks ago - but I've heard nothing since, so guessing that's not good news. Par for the course really.

Right on with the day.
Wish me luck.

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