Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rumour has it

Today became a writing day.
It needed to be.

I'm feeling pretty good about the amount of writing I accomplished today and the quality. Big fun.
Sometimes my brain just needs to be left the hell alone to get on with stuff unencumbered by thought. Maybe I needed the break?
Certainly had no problem catching up when I opened the file this afternoon or getting into the swing of it. Few things I didn't envisage occurred within the story - and they're good. Proved once again that my brain is a twisty dark place and that it can be trusted to pull stuff together without being stifled by an outline.
Yeah, I know, plenty of people outline. I don't. I find outlines too restraining. They seem to kill my creative impulse and drive. I'm sure it's all in my head. :)
My brain works best when it's allowed to work freely and I don't see a good reason to change that. If speed is what drives people to outlining - well, I'm writing more than one novel a year and they're novels not novellas. (As in 100k+ not 50k)
Enough of that.

I'm happy with today's work. It was fun, twisty, surprised me, so no doubt it'll surprise you as well. It's quite nice being back in Ellie's head again. For all she drives me crazy I do miss her when I'm distracted by other things.

It's also the last day of a four hour time difference between me and The Knight. Daylight Savings kicks in tonight - so for the next 6 months we're five hours apart. That's annoying in a truly sucky way. Wish he'd hurry up and get over here.

Listening to Adele (could you tell?) tonight. Haven't listened to much Adele over the last few months but tonight I really wanted to hear her. Enjoying it a lot.

Meanwhile ... FaceTime.

Hope you're all having fun out there.

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