Saturday, September 19, 2015

Just do what I ask ...

It's a lot easier that way.
No one gets stressed out and no one gets yelled at. :)

It's not like I'm asking the impossible. I'm simply asking people to supply information in a certain way.
It's not a hard thing.
In fact the information I'm asking for should be in a file already and it should be a simple case of attaching the file to an email.
Trust me when I say - no one is that special that the rules do not apply.

Moving on, because I'm finding myself wanting to shoot something!

Yesterday Caro and I got keys for the shop. We are very excited. VERY. OMG. I can't even begin to explain our joy.
Which reminds me, there is a celebration chocolate bar in my bag from Caro ... I do believe it's chocolate time!

Today I gave a trestle table a facelift. Or at least I started to improve upon it. First coat is done. It looks like this now:

It's rather fun.
The second layer is on now ... more words and glitter. The glitter ended up everywhere, as glitter does. For a few minutes there is looked like a stripper had taken up residence in my kitchen. :)
The floor was sparkling and ever so pretty.
Third layer will be tomorrow.
More words.
And potentially comic strips and so forth.

I'm trying to decide if I have the beginning of a migraine or just a blurry-vision-making headache.
Yeah, it doesn't sound good.
Not surprising though.

Not surprising at all.

I'd quite like to get some writing done. Not sure if taxing my brain any further is wise. Guess we'll find out.

Hope you're all having a great weekend.

Leaving you with this because I love it. :)


Markie Madden said...

I want some glitter!

Markie Madden said...

I want some glitter!

Cat Connor said...

Help yourself! It's everywhere ... looks like a fairy threw up :)

I see you...

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