Sunday, September 20, 2015

It's a Lobo day

One song in particular 'I'd love you to want me' ... it became the sound track of a video this morning.

I've been playing around a bit with iMovies lately - trying to decide if I'll use it for the next trailer or not. Probably. It's kinda fun to play with, not terribly difficult to use, and I think it does what I need it to do. So, winning.

That just reminded me that I at no time considered making a trailer for 'Nothing Happens Here' ... should I?
Yeah? Nah?
Nah. Bit close to home for my liking. Not content wise just geographically.

It's a funny old day. 5,255 km feels like 5,255 km's. I'm not really a fan of the ocean at the moment. Seems to have always played a part with us.

We're coming up on an anniversary. It's a nice one. We have two. This is, as The Knight says, the big one.
It's 8 days away.
Kinda funny that it's our first anniversary - when we've known each other since before we were born.
The Knight says his heart beat before mine so technically he existed first therefore he's actually older and has known me longer ... even though my birthday is 16 days before his. I was supposed to be younger - but I was impatient (no kidding) and he was probably asleep. :)
We're not at all competitive.

That kinda brings me back to Lobo - and the song. It's our song. We have a lot of songs, but that one in particular is ours.
Was a no brainer to make that the soundtrack for the video I put together for The Knight.
A year of us.
No, I'm not posting it. Not because it's dodgy in anyway but because it would be an infringement of copyright. It's one thing to create something for personal use but another thing entirely to send it out into the world without getting the permissions required. So, there ya go.

I think tonight is going to be a pancake for dinner night. With ice-cream and cinnamon friend bananas. Yeah, that sounds like a really good idea. :)
Nothing says freezing cold rainy Sunday like pancakes. hahaha

Tomorrow we're up at the shop.
That's a pretty cool thing to be able to say.
I'm going to start peeling stickers off the windows. Must remember to take the window chalk up.

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