Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's all happening here

Tomorrow night we have the opening party for the bookshop.

Still waiting on the terminal number from the bank. Have EFTPOS company (hopefully) coming in tomorrow to connect us up - IF we get the terminal ID from the bank.
It's the last thing we need.
Cutting it fine.
To be honest we can manage for a few days without it.
We're perfectly happy to go old school and deal in cash. You know what'd be handy? A calculator.
Also, would be rather nice if more books would arrive today. Have some that contracts have arrived for books but the books haven't yet landed on my doorstep.
Although, I already have so many boxes in my room that I can't open my wardrobe door. Be very nice to take all this stock, laptop, and the quilts up to the shop. Not to mention the trestle table and mobile drawers and the freaking long pieces of dowel - for hanging the quilts. :)

Really looking forward to pricing stock ... I know, I'm saying that now, but when I've stickered and written the prices on about 330 books I might be over it. There's a good chance.

Today - stupidly busy. Says the woman still drinking her coffee and in her dressing gown.
I have to head off to Silverstream this morning before going up to the shop. Must check the cupboards here and make sure I have most of what I need for making the kiwi party food - going to have to make stuff tonight. I see a late night ahead.
Most of it's easy stuff though - the biggest thing was the cake and that's all done, iced and ready to be taken up.
Might take that up today too. It weighs a lot - it's about 3kg of fruit!

Having massives issues with a few files that won't allow me to print them from IE and that refuse to remain attached when sent to my private email. Grrr.

Right on with the day ...

To those of you who have RSVP'd and are coming tomorrow night - I look forward to seeing you.


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