Sunday, September 6, 2015

Creamed Corn on toast ...

... while listening to Bon Jovi.

Welcome to Sunday.

Peaceful here this morning. One child is asleep and the other is off being a teenager with her teenage pals. That's a big deal. Her oldest sister and I are pretty damn proud that The Girl Wonder is able to be off being a teenager like a regular kid. (Been a hard road at times and now she's able to fully embrace her teenage self.) What's more she's a really nice teenager. :)
Enough of that ...

It's been busy here.

Not only am I up to my ears in authors and organising stock for the shop opening next month but I'm writing ... two books. Yeah, two. God!
Turns out Veronica and Ellie can cohabit in my brain without causing it to implode. Well, that might happen yet, but it hasn't so far. 
And I discovered something the other week - and that is that someone who looks (and acts) exactly like Veronica's cousin Donald does exist right here in Upper Hutt. Once I spotted him a new kiwi book surfaced, well the opening chapter did at any rate. It amused me. And as we know, I have to be entertained by my writing or there is no point me writing at all. (Yes, it is all about me.)

The new Byte book was bugging me a bit - I like it fine, it's entertaining ... but I felt like the beginning wasn't. So, I stepped back a bit and had another look. Then there was this pohutukawa story that I'd written and it felt like it was the beginning of something. Turns out is was the beginning of Metabyte. Seems the story had more facets than I originally thought - which to be fair - is quite normal and I like it when I don't see it coming,because if I don't see stuff coming then you won't either. :)

Also, still doing the James Patterson Masterclass and enjoying it. I did however skip the whole outline thing, because I outline backwards ... write the chapter then write the bullet pointed outline. I don't want to screw with what works for me. As I'm not handing my story over to anyone else to help write it, I don't feel the need to mess with my way. :)
Other things have been super interesting though. I am enjoying it. It's not that I don't know any of this stuff but it's nice hearing it, reinforces what I'm already doing. 

Oh, and news?

My books will be in our shop with their new ever so pretty covers. 
Now that's exciting. They won't make it before the opening due to shipping costs - but they'll be here in October sometime. :)
And we'll be launching 'Nothing Happens Here' - through the shop. I'm watching our dollar at the moment - it's sucks like a kumara and it's making bringing books in extremely painful!

Hope all the Father's out there have a wonderful Father's day. :)

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