Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bit later than usual with this weeks blog ...

Sorry ... ish.

I've been busy doing stuff - too much stuff to be able to sit down and write about it. It gets like that sometimes. This is one of those times.

Currently I'm sitting on my bed, drinking a scotch, typing this blog, and thinking about the two stories rampaging in my head.
Yes, usually my drink of choice is tequila - good spotting!
Couldn't get the one I like, so, Grants it is. :)
Tastes a lot like The Knight, and that's a good thing.

Today I caught up with a friend and fellow crazy person author, Brian O'Sullivan ... you may know him from such books as Beara:Dark Legends  I know him from ... how exactly do I know Brian? Feck. I can't remember how we met. More than likely it was me being a cheeky shite and emailing him to come talk to the writing group I host. That sounds like me, so we'll go with that. It was a while ago now. Anyway, finally caught up with him and it was good fun as always.
I came home with a box of his books for the shop so that was even better!

What else?
Writing two books at once (touched on that above) - quite possibly touched in the head to even think writing two books at once was a good idea.
It's not.
I don't recommend it at all.
Enjoying working on Metabyte. Such fun being had there.
Enjoying the story so far in 'whatever the feck it's going to be called' - the 2nd Veronica Tracey book.

Also, working on the course notes for the beginners guide to writing short stories. That's pretty much what the first course through the shop is going to be about. Let's start out small. If people can master short stories then we can move on to the ins and outs of longer fiction. Two different beasts but equally fun to slay.
I'm a big believer in proving your marketability and publish-ability by writing and having short fiction published before querying for a novel. Looks good on the query letter if you can state you have had X number of short stories published in XYZ journal. Let's face it, these days every little bit helps.
Shorts also help you develop your voice and stretch your writing muscles.
Anyone can be taught the technicalities of writing but not everyone has what it takes to tell a story and engage readers.
It's the old 'You can lead a horse to water' thing.

I'm doing some design work for the shop too, creating a banner and so forth. FYI - green screen when some of the books are green ... not a great idea. Blue wouldn't work either. What did sort of work was a neutral coloured wall. I say 'sort' of, because I now know how many of the books we have going into the shop have that exact colour on their covers. So it came down to, painstakingly removing the background by hand. There was a certain amount of swearing involved.

Under my bed (isn't a box of body parts anymore - that's in Breezy's wardrobe), I have 14 quilts. Breezy has the other 4 under her bed. They're wrapped in old sheets and waiting to be hung in the shop. On the kitchen floor are two REALLY long pieces of dowel ... for the hanging. :)
Be nice to have the shop open and all this stuff gone!

I had an idea today - might be too early to drape crime scene tape around the shop, being in Upper Hutt an' all, and only a week after armed incident at McD's?
Just something Brian and I were talking about - cos I remembered I have crime scene tape, among other things ... a chalk outline would be too much??

Well, y'all think on that for a bit. I'm going to go consider the next chapter in one of the books.


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