Tuesday, August 4, 2015

And the rain came down ...


How is everyone?
Imagine my caring sincere expression as I await your reply.
Yeah I'm done.
Can't keep this up forever.
I mean, really? What did you expect?

So news?
We have some.

Our book shop is opening on October 1st.
Yeah, that's exciting.
There is a lot happening here and it will continue to busy from now on. Not that I think anyone will miss me, because I've been pretty busy for the last year and there haven't been as many blog posts from me!

Today is raining, windy, truly atrocious weather. It's not the sort of day one wants to be outside at all. Kinda lucky the small person wasn't feeling so good this morning really.

Tomorrow better see an improvement in the weather. Caro and I have a bank appointment in the afternoon. All the fun of being in business.

Just saw a confirmation of the first lot of stock for our shop. That's exciting.

Two things that are fun ... if you're up for it that is?

First a Which Byte Character Are You? quiz.
Then a How well do you know SSA Ellie Conway? quiz.


Now I'm off to rescue the wheelie bin from the rain!

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