Thursday, July 9, 2015

Walking on Sunshine

I was going to say this is my last post for a few weeks - but it probably won't be. I'll have internet power while I'm away so you'll probably hear from me at some point.

Meanwhile it's a crappy cold day here - but there is the promise of snow in the air. Snow would make the cold worthwhile. So far this morning we've had hail, sleet, snow flurries, and rain.
It's kinda fun watching for snowflakes.

Yes, I'm supposed to be working and not staring out the window willing it to snow (as long as it's all gone by Saturday morning ...).

Currently sorting the Love Wounds collection for print. It's painful but not as bad as the Sister M book. At least this time I don't have a Tulpa to deal with and Word is mostly behaving. Although having to use an older version than I'm used to because the beta 2016 Mac version doesn't quite have all it's bits active yet and I really don't want to fire up my old laptop (the craptop) so I can use Word 13, so working on the formatting on the PC.

We've pretty much sorted the cover image. So it's super close to being done and sent off for printing.

I'm also four chapters into the nth byte book - Metabyte. Looking forward to running with that while I'm away. Writing time has been a bit scarce here - what with the bookshop happening an' all.
And yes, it is happening. Kickstarter or not. We are doing this thing. Caro and I are pretty determined.

AND I'm writing a short of two for The Pohutukawa Tree collection.

But wait there's more ... heavy edit/massive re-write for the kiwi book is happening as well. For that one I need to come up with a pen name. I don't really want Veronica compared to Ellie or people to expect a Byte book when they're reading.
I think y'all could help me choose a pen name ...
A few ideas are floating around, one of which is Danni Lane the other is Caro Clancy.
How about a vote? Yes, that might work.
If you know where those names come from - email me: cat @ (no spaces) with your choice of either of those names as the subject and the answer (where they came from) along with your name and address in the body of the email.
I'll get TGW to draw a winner at the end of July.
The winner will receive a signed book.

Such fun :)

Stay frosty.

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