Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ring Ring


Finding Siri super helpful at the moment.
In fact I haven't used Siri this much in a very long time - I'm listening to 6 ix and keep coming across songs I know but don't recall the name. Pleased Siri is so quick to name the songs. :)
A few of them have found their way into METABYTE as chapter titles.

METABYTE is coming along - getting there. Visions of having the book finished while I'm in Perth - were simply visions. It ain't happening. But I have got a good run at it so that'll make it easier later. Maybe. Or not?
Because, really, I still have no freaking clue where this story is going to end up or what's really going on.
So far it's kinda alphabet soupy ... I don't know what I expected when people started dying twice but not CIA?
Having fun with iPhones though. There's stuff inside your iPhone that is very handy for someone like me. I love techy stuff anyway so it's good fun, albeit a bit scary at times.

Having a slow day today. The weather has perked up so that's nice. Looking good for our ride on Friday.
It's a bit cooler than it has been though.

A lot of yesterday was spent reading. I need to read PSYCHOBYTE before edits come back. I'd forgotten a lot of it and am really enjoying the read.
Yesterday was also spent wanting cake! I know! Crazy.
Guess after a week and a half of not really eating anything sweet I'm starting to crave sweet food?
Might have to do something about that. Not quite as easy as it is at home - where I can whip up some fudge or a cake and ease the craving. :)

Oh, I did something else yesterday (besides read and crave cake) I converted ARRAY, TORRENT, and the latest version of SNAKEBYTE to kindle. So, yay. The process drove me a bit mental - thought it was complete but no, even though I did EVERYTHING required. Sometimes, KDP, is a pain in the ass. Hopefully, this time ...

Did I show you the new covers?

Such fun :)

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