Thursday, July 2, 2015

Nerves, decisions, moving forward


It's Thursday.
Today is this day:

Hopefully a few people will turn up - I'm quite nervous, more so than usual, because it's not my library and a lot of people I'd like to be there can't come tonight.
I will make a decision later today as to whether there will be any of my books for sale at the event. It all depends on whether TGW comes with me tonight and the weather. She's not super keen as it's a new environment and if it rains then no books. :)
If I don't take the books I will take order forms - I don't mind posting books to people.
Suppose I should also see what promo stuff I have available at the moment. I know there are ERASERBYTE postcards somewhere! Don't think I have any DATABYTE stuff though.
That's the problem with moving house and then not knowing far enough ahead of time when things are likely to happen. :)

In other news ... there really isn't much:
I'm circling the next byte novel - yes, that's #9. It's got a beginning and it's starting to become insistent so, that's good. I have some dedicated writing time coming up shortly so that's the ideal opportunity to bang the story out. Might even find a title ...

I am currently making a decision regarding the future of the byte series - it's not ready to end yet, but due to some rather big issues I'm thinking making some publishing changes going forward. Time to do what's best for me and stop being loyal to something that isn't working, as hard as that is for me to do.

The bookshop is taking shape. The kickstarter is active - if you haven't had a look yet then you should - we need backers to get this off the ground! Writer's Plot Readers Read

The Love Wounds collection by A Writer's Plot is almost ready to be formatted for print. We're playing with cover images at the moment.

I think that's about it. I'd sooner be writing than doing anything else today - but have tons of other things that need doing. Bugger.

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