Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Writer's Plot - Readers Read.

Or ... what I've been doing for the last two-three weeks.

Y'all know I host a writing workshop/group and have been doing so for 3 years. (Seriously ... 3 freaking years!) This year WP launched it's first book, Sister Mary-Margaret - it's a collections of journeys to Sister M's funeral from people who knew her.
It's actually pretty awesome.
Frightening how well it's been received really.

Anyway ... it's a thing. And we launched it at Upper Hutt City Library on May 22nd.
At the launch I chatted with Brian O'Sullivan and a few things he said wriggled around in my head until I got up to the library the next afternoon and told the group of my crazy idea.
I then discovered they've pretty much all had the same crazy idea at various times.

We're doing this thing. It's called Writer's Plot, Readers read.
We are in the process of opening a bookshop. A proper one. One that has Writer's in Residence (yeah real published ones), and offers fantastic service (like the old days when shop assistants were pleased to see you (not in a rude way thanks!) and could actually talk to you about books and what you might like ... and can order things in for you - HAPPILY).
Those of us over a certain age remember bookshops.
It seems a shame that those below that certain age have no clue what a real bookshop is like.

It won't just be a bookshop. Our plan is to make a space that's welcoming for reader's and writer's. A space where writer's can hold book signings/readings/author talks. A place for open mike poetry nights and story tellers. We'll also be running writing classes (block courses), similar to the ones I've been running at the library but much smaller and for a defined period of time with a definite goal.

So, that is what has been keeping me super busy for the last few weeks.
We've talked to a lot of people in business in Upper Hutt and in other places, and a lot of NZ authors with small presses who have a hard job getting their books in shops anywhere but especially here. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Here's our brand spanking new blog: Writer's Plot Readers Read
And you can tweet us @Writers_Plot
And we have a Facebook page ...
More to come shortly!

Edited to include a Kickstarter for Writer's Plot Readers Read  - that's right you can be part of this!!
Get in there and show us how much real books and real bookshops mean to you.

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