Monday, June 29, 2015

What have I been doing?

Not blogging ... I know, sorry, super slack at blogging this year. (Nearly said month but let's be honest - it's been this year.)

It's been busy.
Really busy.
But good busy.

You all know we're trying to get a bookshop up and running? It's quite time consuming, mostly fun, but occasionally frustrating and tricky.
It's exciting.

I'm also in the middle of editing the latest Writer's Plot collection. Was supposed to be romance - but due to no one really being super capable in that genre we've downgraded it to relationships. :)
I think 'could do better' is how we'd describe the WP foray into romance.
It has a title now - Love Wounds.
It's not as long as Sister M.

I'm hoping to have the file ready for the group to read sometime this week.

Currently they're working on a new challenge - The Pohutukawa Tree.
The premise and guidelines sparked stories immediately - so I'm looking forward to seeing them all at the end of July.

This week I have the Ngaio Marsh 'Murder in the Library' event at Hutt City Library. (Thursday night 6PM - that's the 2nd of July)
Bit nervous - might be more than a bit.
I'm nervous enough when I have to speak at our library (and I've done that a few times) ... but this library is all new to me and The Admins are over at the Villa this week! Yep, on my own this time. Scary.

Superman came up last week - was fabulous to see him looking so well. He and Lois Lane enjoyed their European trip. The girls and I got spoilt - a beautiful Nomination bracelet each from Venice!
And Superman brought me back a big bottle of Jose Cuervo Silver ... my favourite tequila ever. :)
I discovered after pouring a shot for Superman, that he'd never had tequila before! So, nice that I introduced him to it. :)

What else?
Trying to get NHH finished - re-edit. Which is actually going really well. I discovered something - if I just relax with the words and stop panicking that Veronica will sound like Ellie, it all works so much better!
Have made a decision to do this one myself - despite interest from a UK publisher. It's better for me to retain the rights and do the whole thing my way.
It will be released under a different name though - not using mine, to hopefully stop people expecting Ellie when they read it.
Not a hundred percent sure what name I'll use. :)
Kinda leaning toward the name of the writer in Eraserbyte.

Right - best get on with it ...

Monday. Love Mondays. (Yes, I actually do.)

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