Thursday, June 4, 2015

I'm back.

Where did I go?
No where.
I was just stuck in limbo having to use my phone data to do anything online ... tiresome and freaking expensive.
But I'm back.
We have proper broadband again. YAY.

In other news - no more scaffolding, the painters have finished, and The Girl Wonder no longer needs to sleep with the lights and radio going. 3 weeks of that got old, I can tell you!
It's pretty disconcerting when you hear someone on the scaffold outside your bedroom window in the middle of the night though - so - can't say I blame her for being jumpy.
We did manage to keep the middle of the night police visit and all talk of anyone being on the scaffold away from Breezy, thank goodness.
Couldn't have handled both kids freaking out for 3 weeks!

In even more news ...

I got my new glasses! It's pretty awesome to be able to see to read and not have sore achy tired eyes by mid-afternoon every day. Can even read at night again!

Now that I have net access again I have so much to catch up on and get sorted. It might take me awhile to get everything sorted and running smoothly again.
Also need to change my address in a lot of places still.

Would rather like to get back into writing now most stuff in the house is organised. Might give it a few days though. Need to find my mojo again.

Need to get to work on a logo - Could go two ways ... it'll either be fun or a total pain in the ass.


So, what have you all been up to while I was AWOL?

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