Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Still AWOL

I tried to be back ... but Vodafone had other ideas and they thought I should wait until June 3rd for internet even though I was supposed to have internet on moving day - May 13.
The Girl Wonder is not coping.
She's used her data.
The pocket WiFi that Vodafone gave us to use had 1 gig on it. Guess what?
Yeah it's gone and it'll cost me to top it up ... meanwhile you can bet they still want to be paid for a service I don't have.
Lucky it's not their fault. We don't see eye to eye, nothing unusual there.
I know the guy who came out to connect us should have replaced the cable on the spot and none of this should be happening. But, hey, it is. And they suck again.
So, I'm using phone data to hotspot my Mac so I can do a few things ... not many things.
This - because blogging from my phone is super annoying ... I don't get my new glasses until June 2nd until then I can't really see too well so prefer not to use the iPhone for long periods of reading or trying to write.

In other news ... the 9th byte novel is happening. Not sure where its going (again - nothing unusual there) but it's fun. No title yet. Being called ?byte for now. It'll come to me, obviously not as easy as psychobyte did though.

Sister Mary Margaret is officially being launched at Upper Hutt City Library (7pm) on Friday May 22. Yes, this Friday!
I haven't really had time to think about it let alone find out any details.

Moving was shit.
My desk chair is still wet - because - fuckwits.
Chairs should not be left out in the rain for any length of time and certainly not for over an hour while moving men feck around with other shit. So, wet chair.
Also, broken Franklin Mint plates and an irreplaceable ornament.
I stand by my fuckwit comment above.
The shed, which I formerly called laundry adjacent (yeah like purgatory is hell adjacent) ... is now called the wet room. It leaked like a bloody sieve. Boxes of books do not appreciate water.

Superman and Lois Lane are in Venice, Italy!
How awesome is that?
They're boarding a cruise ship in a few days and cruising to Barcelona, Spain.
Hoping they have a great time and take loads of photos.

Breezy likes the new house, a lot. She's loving having her own room and seems to have settled down. She was a bit upset initially because she didn't know where anything was - yeah, me too!

I have finally located everything I was missing. Today I pulled everything out of the shed and put most stuff back in ... the dining room chairs (which are wet) are now under the carport. I went through EVERY box and found the missing important stuff. Re stacked stuff, put a big assed tarp over everything and shut the door. Done. Some of those boxes were freaking heavy.

I am liking the wood burner. It's awesome.
Luckily Peter dropped off wood (he's The Oracle's other half) ... we can have fire. Fire it good.
Rose and Megan dropped some wood and pine cones off as well! Good - because it's been cold so we've burned a bit of wood.
The Oracle did bring heaters over - I'm reluctant to use heaters except for briefly in the morning, because power is freaking expensive here.

Kids asthma is quite bad at the moment.
It's winter. It happens.

Have a super busy weekend coming up and it starts on Friday night.
Not actually looking forward to it. As much as I like to go out - this weekend already feels like too much. :)

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