Sunday, May 24, 2015

[Nothing happens here]

Good blog title?

It's been a super full on weekend. I'm knackered. Think I need to remember to get some Berocca.

Sister Mary Margaret is launched. Really fun night. Great turn out. The library surpassed themselves with the delicious nibbles and wine. :)

Many things are happening right now. There is a plan underway that will [hopefully] see a new business opened in UH before long.
Pretty exciting stuff.
Watch this space!

Writer's Plot yesterday was good. Despite having to repeat myself over and over again until I'm so sick of saying the same things ... one day, EVERYONE will get it. :)
That day can't come soon enough.
We've got to get this 'romance' book sorted ... the next project promises to be MUCH more fun and will come with detailed guidelines (like Sister M but not focusing on a single character - because, Tulpa!).

I kinda feel like I should finish fixing all the issues discovered in [Nothing happens here]. Be easier if I had all the notes back. Got Roses and mine - so think I'll get started, and will be using the PC because the print formatted file is sitting on it waiting - and because Word on the Mac needs updating to continue working without issue and I can't update it until I get internet again!!

I should be able to get [Nothing happens here] finished this week and once internet is back (God I'm hopeful) June 3rd then I can send the file to the UK publisher who showed interest ... hopefully they're still interested after all this time.
Edited: I finished ALL the corrections and revisions suggested by Admin One. Finally sat my ass in my chair and didn't move until it was done. Sorted!! Feels pretty good to have it finished. :)
Being without internet for what will be 3 weeks has really caused me some major problems.
Screw you Vodafone.
When we hook the business up it won't be with you idiots. You've cost me enough.

Had a fabulous night last night catching up with some old friends - gotta say we all still look 20 - so that's even more awesome. :)

Ah the wonderful sounds of Breezy screaming because TGW did something.
My peace is over.

Right, I'm hitting play on the stereo and filling the air with Bon Jovi so I can get some work done.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

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